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Link Audit & Penalty Removal

End-to-End Link Audit & Penalty Removal Services in Dubai

Dubai SEO Agency is one of the top SEO agencies that provides link Audit & Penalty Removal Services in Dubai, UAE offering backlink Audit, Ahref’s audit, Backlink Disavow, Competitor’s Backlink Analysis, Google Penalty Prevention and a complete assessment of your backlink profile for opportunities to increase its search visibility. As an link Auditing agency, we work closely with our customers to ensure that our SEO strategy positively impacts client business value, processes, products, ROI, and services. 

We cater to a wide spectrum of business needs providing custom to end-to-end backlink audit and penalty removal services in Dubai. Our expert team has first-hand experience in various industries which is why Dubai SEO Agency is able to analyze your business requirements and provide tailor-fit Off-page SEO Strategy that are constantly updated and utilize the latest optimization approaches.

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    Why Choose Dubai SEO Agency for Link Auditing & Penalty Removal?

    Dubai SEO Agency is an established SEO company in Dubai, UAE equipped with an expert team to achieve your business goals with a result-driven SEO strategy. Our well-rounded and top backlink auditors consistently analyze and guide you with the right SEO marketing strategy tailor-made for your business needs and goals, be it on-page, off-page or technical SEO. With Dubai SEO Agency, you will invest in a performance-driven long-term Backlink Audit & Strategy of attracting the right audience to your website, engaging them with remarkable content, and converting them into customers. 

    Agile Approach

    Our SEO Link Auditing & Strategy services revolve around the agile process. With this approach, our skilled team work in tandem with the client in order to optimize your business’ value and return on investment (ROI).

    Continuous Client Engagement

    Our clients are engaged throughout the entire Link auditing process. This allows us to analyze and adjust to feedback and also ensures transparency continuously. Constant engagement and communication allow us to offer the best Backlink Strategy that caters to your business requirements and helps you reach your goals.

    Dedicated content Team

    We consistently provide Backlink Auditing and removal services across the UAE that are strategic, innovative, and position you as an industry leader. We only utilize the best approach and take their extensive experience and knowledge in order to establish your brand that thrives.


    Dubai SEO Agency follows a data-driven approach and forecasts a strategy laid on a solid foundation of quantified results which is reflected in real-world success. 

    Performance Metrics

    All SEO Audit projects are executed with performance benchmarks in mind to get an idea of our progress and to maintain & deliver high-quality SEO services. We optimize your backlink profile, be it spam link assessment, link disavow or link building, Dubai SEO Agency assists you to raise from the bottom line with the best Link Auditing & Strategy services in Dubai, UAE.

    Does your Organization need Link Audit & Penalty Removal Services?

    Our proficiency as a Link Audit & Penalty Removal company has positioned Dubai SEO Agency as an expert in providing services that set you up as an industry leader.

    Link Audit & Penalty Removal

    Read frequently asked questions on Link Audit & Penalty Removal
    • You need a link audit if you suddenly experience a decline in ranking, organic traffic, or conversions. You may also invest in a backlink cleanup service if all of your current SEO efforts are not making a dent against the competition in your industry. 

    • A link audit takes leverages the tools in the industry that analyze all backlinks. Then, the backlink audit and removal takes place where all backlinks are categorized and removed if they are harmful to your website and negatively affecting your rankings. 

    • A link cleanup or removal starts with identifying bad links. Our team then reaches out to webmasters for removal where all interactions are recorded and if the other party is uncooperative, a disavow file is sent to Google for evaluation. After you’ve invested in our link penalty removal services, Google’s evaluation team has the final say in whether or not a link is removed or disregarded when it comes to your website and SERPs rankings.

    • A bad link comes from an irrelevant, unknown, suspicious, or untrustworthy website. On the other hand, a good link comes from a trusted and authoritative website. Backlinks can be categorized as good or bad when you invest in link auditing services and they can be removed as needed with our SEO link removal services. 

    • A negative SEO attack is when other businesses with websites purposely build their sites and backlink them to you in order to negatively affect your ranking. If you suspect a negative SEO attack on your website, reach out to our team for more info on our backlink audit services or backlink removal services immediately. 

    • Google Penguin is part of the search engine’s algorithm that penalizes websites with bad links. Google Penguin has made it necessary for businesses to invest in link auditing services and backlink penalty removal services.

    • You can check on your Google Search Console account to double-check if you’ve been penalized. However, the telltale signs that you’ve been penalized include a sudden decrease in visitors and a drop in your SERP ranking which is when you need to invest in our backlink audit services to make sure. 

      If you have bad links, you can avail of our bad backlink removal service or backlink penalty removal services as needed.

    • Each website will be subject to a different number of bad links. That being said, our link penalty removal services will depend on the results of our backlink audit. Reach out to our experts for a quote!

    • When you invest in a backlink audit, you will be able to see what links are suspicious and which ones are from trusted websites. You can then invest in a backlink cleanup service as needed.

    • As long as you have not changed your website’s URL or structure, your backlink profile should remain unchanged. Otherwise, your profile will be lost and you will need to re-invest in backlink audit and removal if you are the subject of a negative SEO attack after migrating your website. 

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    Since 2008, Dubai SEO Agency has served 300+ businesses across the globe successfully.

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